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Thai massage

Wat Po massage is based on traditions of 2500 years. It differs basically from those practiced in Europe because of its dryly applied techniques. When applying Wat Po techniques the people in Thailand generally do not use any oil or cream substance. Highlighted here is the massaging the physiological (acupressure) points. Additional speciality of Wat Po is that the masseuses not only work with their hands but they also use their elbows, soles and feet. A complete body massage usually takes 1 hour.

Effects of the massage:

It mitigates stress, helps to get some good sleep, increases muscle performance and improves skin condition. In addition, it relieves chronic pains and the fee- ling of loneliness accompanying the process of getting older.

Thai massage with oil

The massage with oil is very popular throughout South-Eastern Asia. Different variations of this technique are applied from China to Indonesia, most frequently using hands and wrists. The Thai version incorporates traditional grips.

Herbal massage

It reduces aches, inflammations, swellings and spots; it helps to absorb oedema, improve blood circulation and maintain tired and tensed muscles.